Nov 13, 2017

Captain Lawrence Tears of Green

I was on the hunt for a few stouts on a recent beer run when I happened to spy a four-pack of Captain Lawrence’s Tears of Green (7.8% ABV). It wasn’t the label artwork or even the name that initially caught my attention. It was the simple line below the name that read, “dry hopped with Motueka and Citra hops.” Those six little words made my mouth water and, some how, that four-pack magically appeared in the basket I was holding before I even knew what happened.

One whiff of Captain Lawrence’s Tears of Green once it’s settled in the glass let me know immediately that I had made the right decision. A smooth array of pine, grapefruit, leafy hops, a touch of pineapple and a bit of cattiness swirls from the surface with ease. Those same traits also fill the flavor profile along with a touch of honey and mix of citrus late as the beer warms in the glass. The crisp mouthfeel completes the experience with a satisfying and refreshing nature.

The four-pack of this tasty IPA made its way quickly into my cart when I bought it. It disappeared even quicker from the Barley Blog fridge after the first few sips. The flavors and bite are right up my alley and hit on what I personally want in the style. I’m just hoping I can find more of Tears of Green on my next beer run later this week.