Dec 21, 2017

Omnipollo Shploing!!

I picked up this four pack of Omnipollo Shploing!! at the recommendation of the shop owner a few weeks back. The beer (brewed by Dorchester Brewing Company) is the first to be canned by the gypsy brewer out of Sweden and contains some of the, uh, most interesting ingredients you’ll find in a single beer. Marshmallow seems to be the latest trendy adjunct popping up in IPAs as of late, but this is the first that I’ve encountered that employs marshmallow fluff. In addition to that sticky, childhood treat, the company has also added mango, vanilla, graham crackers, rock salt, lactose sugar and an abundance of the brewery’s favorite hops.

So, how do all those items come together when all is said and done? Let’s just say that Shploing!! presents one of the most bonkers flavor profile of any IPA I’ve ever tasted. That’s not necessarily a bad or good thing — just interesting. The IPA almost gives you a different flavor with each sip. This makes for a unique experience, but also one that confuses the tastebuds with its indecision. The fluff really doesn’t provide any flavor, just a bit more oomph to the beer’s body while salt presents itself solidly with fruity mango and lemony citrus notes. There’s a bit of a tart/sour twang in the mix which is unexpected. I don’t get any graham cracker within the other elements.

Shploing!! is quite the interesting IPA. I’m all for innovation and experimentation within beer, but sometimes you just need to say enough is enough when it comes to the ingredients added. This may have been that beer that says, “Marshmallows?… Really?” While the beer does present some interesting flavors, it lacks the cohesive nature that creates a well-rounded drinking experience.