Feb 7, 2018

Alewerks Brewing Unrequited

Earlier this year, the wife visited some friends down in the Norfolk area. On her trip she stopped by the Alewerks Brewing newly opened satellite taproom to pick me up some tasty treats. Among the bottles she returned home with was Unrequited, an 8.3% ABV double IPA. At least, that’s what the bomber’s label states. This big brew looks and drinks more like a hoppy imperial red ale than an IPA.

Unrequited pours a dark, ruddy amber as the aroma is packed with rich maltiness, caramel and bread as well as citrus and distant pine notes. The initial impression, even before the beer hits the tastebuds, is that of a hoppy red ale. And the first sip of the brew reenforces that impression immediately as grapefruit and pine balance with that solid malty backbone. The crisp and refreshing brew carries everything to a lasting finish that carries a lingering tingle of hop bitterness and a touch of warmth.

I’m a big fan of Alewerks’ Secret Admirer, one of the best imperial IPAs made in Virginia, and was super stoked on trying out another one from the company. As it turns out, Unrequited isn’t that beer. This brew drinks like a hoppy red ale, which isn’t an issue by any means, but it’s also not on par with Secret Admirer despite its tasty nature.