Aug 15, 2018

Appalachian Mountain Not An IPA

Just like the subtext on this Appalachian Mountain Brewery (AMB) can states, this is, in fact, an IPA. One sniff of the 6.7% ABV (74 IBU) Not An IPA will let you know immediately that it’s not fooling any one. Listed on their website as a New England style IPA, this one really isn’t all that cloudy and it’s got a solid hop bite, so maybe they are trying to fool someone as it really doesn’t fall into that category in my experience.

The IPA packs a flavorful array of tropical fruit notes (pineapple, lemony citrus, tangerine peel and grapefruit) that’s balanced quite nicely by a leafy, grassy hop profile that also presents a good amount of pine. There’s not much of a sweetness here, but what little is on the tongue is countered by a welcome hop bitterness. The bite doesn’t overwhelm the fruitiness that passes right before it, but instead offers more of a dynamic discussion point than overtaking any conversation. Everything fades smoothly to a long lasting finish.

I was impressed with my first foray into AMB’s beers. I’m not sure how often — if ever again — I will cross paths with Not An IPA or its siblings in the future, but this experience was quite tasty and well received. It’s a balanced IPA with good fruit flavors and bitterness that isn’t unique by any means. It’s just a well crafted beer, plain and simple.