Sep 18, 2018

Commonwealth Iconoclast

I’m a big fan of the IPAs (standard, imperial and double) that Virginia’s Commonwealth Brewing has been producing the past several years. Their beers are always full flavored, balanced and just downright enjoyable to drink. Iconoclast — 8.4% ABV double IPA — is quite simply another notch on the brewery’s belt. Hell, it might even be on a belt of its own compared to some of Commonwealth’s other brews. I mean, how the hell did they pull all of those flavors from the typically tame Halertau Blanc hop variety.

The amount of luscious tropical notes (pineapple, mango, grapefruit, tangerine, lemony citrus) that packs the aroma and eventually mouth-watering flavor is impressive. A moderate hop bite keeps the fruitiness and light malt sweetness in check with precision balancing and refreshment. The smooth mouthfeel and medium body only add to the fulfilling nature of this double IPA. For such a big beer, Iconoclast drinks dangerously easy, gliding smoothly to a long lasting and lightly drying finish, the flavors echoing gently after each sip.

To put it as simply as possible, Iconoclast is stupid good. In the past it’s been tough to pick a favorite Commonwealth beer, but not any more — this double IPA is in a class all its own. It’s easily best IPA I’ve had in 2018 thus far and darn near the best beer period in the same timeframe. My only regret (as is usually the case with a beer like this) is only having purchased the one 4-pack. This is a beer that I could have thoroughly enjoyed all Summer long.