Jul 6, 2018

Evolution Lot #6 Double IPA

As the brewery puts it on their website, you can think of Evolution’s Lot #6 Double IPA as their “…Lot No. 3 on performance-enhancing malt and hops.” This big double IPA (8.5% ABV, 75 IBU) isn’t just a hop bomb — it’s an incredibly well balanced beer that presents the amped up aromas and flavors from all ingredients. Whether it be the malty sweetness of the equal measure of pungent hop flavors, Lot #6 is deceptively smooth drinking example of the style.

I’m a big fan of double IPAs that lean heavily on the hop end of the spectrum, but I’m also one that can appreciate the effort it takes to keep those pungent, piney notes in check with a solid malt backbone. And that’s what Evolution has done with Lot #6. The aroma screams hops with a solid waft of pine, orange peel and grapefruit. Once the beer washes over the tongue, those hop flavors are still present, but the malt profile keeps the IPA from becoming one dimensional. A decent malt sweetness, bready notes and caramel are all in play as the array of flavors head smoothly into the long finish.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lot #6. The big double IPA is well balanced for the style and presents a great flavor and equality amongst all ingredients. I love the malt backbone that supports the hop profile. This is one of those brews that lets you think you can enjoy a few of them in a sitting due to that balance, but the potency will certainly catch up on you.

This is a review of a promotional sample.