Mar 29, 2018

Heritage Brewing Civil Works

Along with Force Multiplier that we reviewed yesterday, Heritage Brewing has also introduced Civil Works as one of their new flagship, year-round offerings. This 4.3% ABV pale lager is simply stated, balanced and clean with a refreshing quality that makes it a tasty option for just about any situation or affair. It’s one of those beers you just want to grab after a long day at the office. It’s one of those beers that makes you want to fashion a makeshift cup holder on your riding mower.

Civil Works presents a smooth array of bread, cereal, yeast, soft lingering honey and just enough of a grassy, citrusy hop presence to tingle the tastebuds. Everything is carried briskly along a crisp and lively mouthfeel toward a satisfying and lightly drying finish. This beer is, as the kids call it today, crushable. The lower alcohol content and smooth drinking, refreshing nature make this lager one that goes down way too easily. You’re ready for another can even as you wrap up the last swallow from the one you’re currently drinking.

I’m personally a big fan of pilsners and lagers. I think they provide the ideal flavor and experience to satisfy that craving for a crisp, flavorful beer without being overwhelmed by barrel-aging or the American past time of over preponderance of hops. There’s just something about a simply stated, tasty beer like Civil Works that fulfills a thirst for post-work relaxation. It’s a beer that you can sit down with for a while and easily relax.