Nov 13, 2019

Brothers Brewing Cardinal Direction

I picked up this bottle of Brothers Brewing Cardinal Direction, a 9.4% ABV Belgian-style quadrupel, a year ago this week – I also enjoyed it a while back, as well. The notes I have on this beer or brief, but to the point.

As far as beers of this style go, Cardinal Direction isn’t too bad. It lacks the overall depth that I personally look for in a quad and it’s a bit thin on the palate in comparison to some. The flavors are good with plenty of caramel, raisin, yeast, hint of cherries and boozy warmth. Like others of the style, the brew is quite warming as expected, as a linger dryness echoes gently after each sip.

I’d like to see a bit more work on this one. It’s got potential. Cardinal Direction just isn’t quite there yet when compared to come classics of the style, as well as some personal favorites. In a pinch, however, the big beer will certainly warm up your insides on a cold November afternoon.