Jan 18, 2019

Escutcheon Brewing Growler Kolsch

As I have stated more than a few times on this site, the Kolsch style holds a special spot in my drinking heart. My father-in-law brewed a celebratory batch for our wedding that was simply astounding. Of course, the situation and all that certainly play into that particular brew’s lore, but nonetheless, the style is one that I thoroughly enjoy throughout the year.

Escutcheon Brewing know how to craft a solid lager as we’ve seen in previous reviews. Their Growler Kolsch-Style Ale is set firmly in the traditional, but like most American versions, presents a slight twist.

Yes, as is to be expected, there is a slightly more pronounced hop character, but the Virginia brewery utilizes Noble German Hops to bring in a smooth lemony citrus and grassy notes. The bright hop character balances quite nicely with the earthy and bready malt notes, grain and yeast. It doesn’t overtake the flavor profile like some examples.

A lively mouthfeel and medium body make the experience that much more enjoyable as the flavors wash cleanly over the palate to a long lasting and moreish finish. This is the type of beer that you want to sit down with for a while — perhaps not a single pint, but a couple as you chat away the afternoon with friends and family. The 4.5% ABV that Growler Kolsch delivers, as well as the mild hop influence both certainly allow for just that.