Nov 18, 2019

Guinness Stock Ale

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore recently announced the release of Stock Ale and, now, a couple of short weeks later, I’ve had the opportunity to check out a couple of samples for review. This 10% ABV brew is actually a blend of two different beers – an imperial stout and a barleywine – that have both spent some time in former Bulleit Bourbon barrels.

I’m not sure how long each individual beer was aged in the barrels or how long the blended result was cellared, but Stock Ale carries an old/aged character to its aroma and flavor profile. There’s a touch of oxidation and cardboard amongst its rustic woody and earthy notes while hints of coffee, chocolate, grain and bourbon join also make their presence known. You’d be hard pressed to pull any one element from either of the base beers as everything comes together fairly cohesively.

Guinness Stock Ale is a robust brew – which I thoroughly enjoyed. The barrel influence is strong, but more from a woody aspect. I’d personally prefer a bit more bourbon flavor. Perhaps future releases of the beer will see the use different barrels in aging.

I don’t believe that this is a beer for everyone. Your standard, St. Patrick’s day-only Guinness drinker probably wouldn’t wouldn’t drop their shot of Jaeger into a pint of Stock Ale. That’s cool, though, I’ll grab the extra bottles myself and set them aside for later enjoyment.

This is a review of a promotional sample.