Apr 23, 2019

Starr Hill Lizzy

Starr Hill’s second release in their new Sour Series is Lizzy, a 4.7% ABV gose-style beer brewed with the juice and peel of limes. While Roxanne and the other two bottles (reviews coming soon) from the line are somewhat unassuming and quite approachable, Lizzy is a bit more demonstrative in nature — and flavor.

I’m not a fan of margaritas (tequila and I don’t have the best relationship), but if ever there were a beer generally replace the flavor profile of one, it very well could be this little gose. Lizzy is bright and refreshing with plenty of earthy lime, a light salinity and moderate sour tartness. The grain bill comes through nicely as well, providing support for everything, but it’s that swiftly peaking sour trait that is the start here. It arrives almost immediately, hits a high note and fades almost as quickly, leaving a tingle across the teeth and gums as a hint of lime and salt echo gently in the lasting finish.

Of the four bottles in Starr Hill’s new series, this was my favorite. The sour tartness was the more assertive of the group and it, combined with the salt and lime, made for one hell of a Spring/Summer-time refreshment. The beer is playful, tasty and lively — perfect for sitting out in the sun or hanging out on the deck with friends as that afternoons picnic sits in our bellies.

I would love to see this one stay as a year-round offering. Mostly because I would like an excuse to drink a margarita without, you know, actually drinking a margarita.

This is a review of a promotional sample.