Jun 4, 2019

Surly Grapefruit Supreme

Surly brewers started off the creation of Grapefruit Supreme with the traditional German radler in mind. And as the company is apt to do, the end result is anything but a 50/50 blend of lager and fruity soda. With the base of a low-alcohol (4.5% ABV) tart ale, Grapefruit Supreme is exactly what its moniker says — all grapefruit, in a good way.

One sniff of this refreshing beer and you know immediately what you are getting into. Aside from the massive amounts of fruity grapefruit, there’s not much else to tantalize the ole sniffer. Maybe there’s a lucky few who will pick up on the impending tartness that briskly washes over the tongue when glass meets lips, but I wasn’t one of those few. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The aroma on this little brew is enticing as hell.

That tartness hits quickly when you start sipping. It ends just as quickly as your mind decides that this is an entirely chuggable brew, packed with a lively mouthfeel and refreshing flavors of grapefruit (rind and all). The fruit also provides a lasting tingle of bitterness that sticks around for a good long while after each swallow, echoing gently into the distance.

Grapefruit Supreme is an outstandingly fun and refreshing ale. It was the perfect choice to crack open after a long day hustling yard work in the hotter-than-expected Virginia weekend. The tartness and bright fruit flavors work quite well with one another, creating a seamless and thoroughly enjoyable drinking experience.

This is a review of a promotional sample.