Dec 12, 2006

Unibroue Ephemere

Unibroue’s Apple-Ephemere was recommended to me a couple months back, but it’s taken me this long to finally get around to trying it. The artwork for the bottle prominently displays a green apple on the label. Since I am not a huge fan of hard ciders or overly fruity beers, I’ve been putting its purchase off based solely on the label. It’s sad, I know.

During my latest run to the store, I happened across the bottle for the upteenth time and decided this would be the trip that I pick one up. Once home and after a small amount of research, all of the reviews I read only served to reinforced my irrational fear. I must be strong. The memory of Unibroue’s array of Belgian style ales I’ve had in the past (Maudite and Fin du monde) helped me get through the rough patch and crack open the bottle.


Immediately upon opening the bottle the kitchen filled with the light scent of green apples. It wasn’t at all artificial or fake, but a subtle and pleasant aroma. Swirling the beer in the glass brought out more apple and some spiciness (the label states that there is also coriander and curacao present).


To begin with, I poured the beer in the wrong glass — a Chimay style chalice instead of a more appropriate pilsner glass. The color is a bright gold with cloudy sediment. As it’s a beer on lees that’s expected. The head was light in color and full with plenty of carbonation. It’s definitely a fine looking beer.


The initial taste was actually quite refreshing. The apple, spiciness and full carbonation would make this a great after dinner beverage. I found it a little much on a cold December evening, but can see it being excellent after a hot day working in the garden. The finish left a lingering hit of bubble gum.


I was pleasantly surprised with Unibroue’s Apple-Ephemere. I would definitely pick this one up again if the mood for such a beer struck. It’s bubbly and refreshing with a nice hint of spiciness to temper the strong apple flavors.