Dec 7, 2006

The Million Dollar Desert Island Question

You’ve probably seen these sorts of lists so many times that I’m sure you’re just as sick of them as I am. But that, however, is not going to stop me from asking my own “deserted island” question.

Our story begins several hours after your new Broward 160′ Tri-Deck Motor Yacht has gone down in rough seas. The crew has sadly been lost to the briny deep. Their pleas for help still echo in your head as you cling to debris, rolling with the surging tides.

Land Ho!

You awaken, still holding on to the luggage that has kept you afloat long after your emergency water wings deflated. After a brief search of the coastline you have landed upon, you stumble upon the glory of an oasis — s beer tap oasis. Three spigots protrude from the stone face of an ancient monolith, liquid gold pouring from them endlessly.

What three beers would you absolutely need to survive on this island until your final days? Or at least until the rescue crew follows the distress beacon on board your fancy yacht.

My Own Trifecta

I had to give this one some serious thought. What beers could I not live without? After careful consideration, here are my three:

  1. World Wide Stout (Dogfish Head Brewery)
  2. Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (North Coast Brewing, Co.)
  3. Rochefort Trappistes 10 (Brasserie Rochefort)

What are your three choices?