Jul 31, 2007

Cape Ann Brewing Fisherman’s Brew

The rotation of beer selections at a couple of shops I frequent have started to stagnate a little. Either that or I’m just drinking too much and they can’t keep up with my demand… nah, that couldn’t be it.

At any rate, I’m always really geeked out to see new products on the shelves. Cape Ann Brewing’s Fisherman’s Brew was a recent addition to one of my stops a couple of weekends ago. The beer is described as “an American Amber Lager, brewed by the docks of America’s oldest seaport, Gloucester, Mass…” Picking it up off the shelf I assumed that it would be a working man’s beer — hearty and robust, with some beefy earthiness to it. My prediction wasn’t spot on, but it wasn’t too far off either.

Beer Label: Cape Ann Brewing Fisherman's Brew


The beer pours a nice clean amber in color. The thin head faded relatively quickly, but left a nice thin lacing.


A clean, grainy malt dominates the nose with a hint of caramel. I also picked up a slight spiciness and something similar to Lancaster’s Amish Four Grain, but not quite as earthy.


There’s the slightest hint of sweetness in the initial taste followed up with plenty of grain and malt. There’s a slight roasted flavor that really compliments well. The beer has a refreshing clean and crisp finish.


I could definitely go for a few of these after a hard days work. The malt and clean finish make for quite an enjoyable brew. Although I don’t fish, I hope that my leet computer skills will allow me to enjoy this by my laptop dock.

Rating: 3.5/5