Jan 9, 2007

Dogfish Head Pangaea

I’ve heard a good deal about this one, but was never able to find it. There must have been a restocking at Total Wine on a recent visit since they had two of the Dogfish Head brews that I have been in search of for a while: Fort and Pangaea. The Fort is still safely awaiting consumption. The Pangaea, however, was enjoyed mid afternoon a couple of weekends ago.

Beer Label: Dogfish Head Pangaea


I’m not entirely sure I could tell you what ginger smells like, but for a beer made with a good deal of it in the batch, I got plenty of fruitiness and a slight hoppiness. The beer smells crisp and light.


The brew pours a dark gold in the glass with a decent off-white head. It is a good looking beer.


I really enjoyed this one more as it warmed. As with most craft beers, more flavors come out as the beer has been sitting at room temperature or clutched in my hands like Golem protecting his precious. I didn’t particularly pick out any one distinguishing dominant characteristic. The beer is slightly hoppy, with a complex mix of fruits and spices.


Honestly, it’s not my favorite Dogfish Head product, but it is a crisp, enjoyable beer. It’s something that I would pick up again, but not agonize over if I didn’t find it for a while. Rating: 3.25/5