Jul 3, 2007

Double Dog Double Pale Ale

I’m not sure when I picked this one up, but I do remember it being due to the psychotic looking mutt on the label. Besides beer, if there is one thing that Flying Dog does really well, it’s their label art. I’ve heard folks describe it as disturbing, bizarre, crazy and hilarious. Personally, I love it.

Getting past the artwork, this beer is essentially an “imperial” version of your standard IPA — an American Double IPA. So what does that mean? Basically take your standard, craft brewed IPA characteristics: strong hop profile, alcohol, rich maltiness. Now, double it.

Beer Label: Double Dog Double Pale Ale


The Double Dog poured a rich, somewhat hazy dark amber. The head was fairly small and faded quickly to a long lasting, sticky lacing.


It’s definitely hoppy. There is a great bit of citrus in there as well, but without too much sweetness present. There’s a slight caramel in there as well.


Hops and citrus flavors dominate the taste. There’s a bit of rich malt to it, but for me the hops seem to hide that characteristic of the beer. The higher ABV (10.5%), is barely noticeable and is hidden well by the citrus and hops.


Like Flying Dog says with regard to this beer, it’s for when you want to see double. The Double Dog is a potent beer with a heavy dose of hops and alcohol sure to fuel you for an evening of relaxing on the back deck.

Rating: 3.5/5