Aug 30, 2007

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

I love this time of year. All of the fall beers are starting to hit the shelves. It started with the Paulaner a couple of days ago, continues with a few more Oktoberfest brews and then onto more Autumn Seasonals. Not only that, but now I can start enjoying my stouts without the looks I typically get during the Summer months.

After the announcement earlier this month from Flying Dog, I had been on the look out for Dogtoberfest on every trip to the store. Luckily one shop had decided to stock up early on all sorts of wonderful Fall beers.

Beer Label: Flying Dog Dogtoberfest


Served in my Spaten Oktoberfest glass. the brew pours like most any Oktoberfest beer — rich amber with a slight red hue.


This one has a surprisingly lively aroma for the style. Beneath the dominant malts, there is a decent hop characteristic as well as a little spice.


Dogtoberfest is nice and malty. The hops give it a bit of a tart finish, balancing with the malts well. There’s really nothing out of the ordinary with this one. It’s your quintessential Oktoberfest beer.


A well balanced brew, Dogtoberfest will be back in my fridge as the temperatures drop and the leaves fall.

Rating: 3/5