Apr 27, 2007

Lancaster Gold Star Pilsner

Even though I’m a huge stout drinker (I know I’ve proclaimed this fact ad nauseum), I am also a pretty big Czech pilsner (and German pilseners for that matter) fan. Pilsner Urquell, which has become increasingly easy to find in the local super markets, is usually a stable in one of the fridges in the house.

I don’t know what it is about the style that draws me too it. Perhaps it’s the fact that growing up the only beer my old man ever had in the fridge was either Lowenbrau, St. Pauli Girl, or Beck’s. Maybe it’s just in my genes. Either way, I often find myself going out of my way to pick up a good pilsner/pilsener almost as often as I do a tasty stout.

Beer Label: Lancaster Gold Star Pilsner


The Gold Star Pilsner is a fine looking brew. It pours slightly hazy and is gold in color. The head was full and white, but fairly short-lived as it faded to a nice lacing.


This one didn’t smell as dry and as hoppy as most pilsners I’ve enjoyed. The hops were there, but so was a nice citrus undertone. A spiciness was also fairly present on the nose.


The citrus in the smell is not really all that prevalent in the taste. There’s a bit of a lemon zest to it, but the hops and spice really come out well in the flavor. It’s nicely carbonated and makes for a very refreshing beer.


The slight citrus in the aroma and the crispness to the taste and mouthfeel really make this a beer that I will pick up for this summer more often than I would have prior to tasting it. It’s slight lemon flavor and sweetness allow it to stand out amongst the pilsner crowd.

Rating: 3.5/5