Jun 11, 2007

Orkney Brewery SkullSplitter

I’ve seen this one several times in the store, but never got around to picking it up until just recently. And by Oden’s beard, I have no idea why I waited so damned long. I mean, hell, the beer’s name and viking adorned label should have been enough for me to pick up a bottle or two.

Besides, how often can you say that you’ve had a SkullSplitter? Seriously. Say it out loud. SkullSplitter.

It just makes you want to down a couple and pillage the neighbors — at least a little plundering.

Beer Label: Orkney Brewery SkullSplitter


The SkullSplitter pours a deep, dark amber in color with a medium bodied head that faded nice and slow.


Mild caramels and a slight sweetness dominate while a nice malt presence pushes its way to the front. There’s a very slight alcohol signature, but it’s light.


I do love a good scotch ale, and the SkullSplitter doesn’t disappoint. The smoky malts and caramel are there from the aroma. There’s a small bit of dark fruit to it as well, but it’s subtle. The higher ABV (8.5%) makes its presence known more in the taste than it did in the nose.


Now, I didn’t end up terrorizing the neighbors after my SkullSplitter, but I did only have just the one. Perhaps the name of the beer is also an apt description of its affects if I were to down one too many of this tasty scotch ale. Either way, I’ll definitely add this to the list for future consideration.

Rating: 3.5/5