May 10, 2007

Pennsylvania Brewing Co. Penn Weizen

Hefe Weizens and myself have had a spotty relationship in the past. I usually find examples of this style to have too much lemon or too strong of a wheat finish for my own liking. The wife, however, can really get into a good Weizen — the reason for having picked up a single of this beer.

Her initial reaction to the beer is what prompted me to ask for a taste. After a few moments of thought, she begrudgingly offered her glass to me. I’ve got to tell you that one little sip was enough for me to pick up a full six of it the following day. This is probably the best Weizen I’ve ever had, hands down.

Beer Label:  Pennsylvania Brewing Co. Penn Weizen


The beer sits in the glass with a sizable head that faded fairly quickly to a nice lacing. It’s a light gold in color and hazy.


Mmmm… This one smells great. It’s citrusy with a slight spice. There smells like there’s a good bit of lemon and banana in it as well.


The amount lemon in the aroma had me a bit worried initially, but it’s fairly subdued in the taste. This is quite a refreshing brew. The mouthfeel is light and crisp with a slight smoothness.


I should probably buy stock in Penn Brewing if possible — I see myself and the wife going through a good deal of these this summer. Shortly after purchasing a few of these I found that the beer was listed as one of the top beers in America. It’s easy to see why it has received the attention.

Rating: 4.25/5