Jul 24, 2007

Russian River Damnation

I’m a fan of any beer with a name that invokes images of eternity in hell. Why else would I be such a huge Unibroue fan? I mean, seriously — La Fin Du Monde, Maudite and not to mention peers Lucifer and Diabolique. It seems the Belgian style beers must be brewed from the dark arts.

So when the promise of eternal Damnation appeared before me on that shelf, I just had to pick it up. I can’t say if I’ve ever had a Russion River beer before. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t, so I was thrilled to find this Belgian Strong Pale Ale at my local shop.

Beer Label: Russian River Damnation


Damnation pours a bright gold in color with a slight haziness to it. The head was nice and fluffy, fading slowly to a thin lacing.


The nose is very light on this one. There are hints of citrus and banana, as well as a subtle spiciness. It’s not an overwhelming aroma, but it does have promise of being an interesting brew — very well balanced.


The beer is quite crisp and not as fruity as the aroma had let on. It’s quite refreshing. The spices are more apparent in the taste as well. Again, it’s a very well balanced beer.


That’s odd. I don’t feel damned. However, as tasty as this beer was, I’m sure that having several of them would leave me suffering in my own personal hell the next morning. This beer won’t make you jump up out of your seat, but it is a well crafted and balanced brew. I’ll definitely pick another one up in a future beer run.

Rating: 3.5/5