Jan 12, 2007

Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

The one time I’ve had this beer prior to this tasting was at Capital Ale House in Richmond, VA. It was on tap as a cask conditioned beer. From what I remember of that glass, was that it was super smooth and one of the better stouts I have had. With that memory in mind at the store the other day, I picked up a bottle of this Imperial Stout. I was hoping that it lived up to its draft brethren.

Beer Label: Vistory Storm King Imperial Stout


The beers smells of a roasted coffee and malt with a nice hoppy finish.


I absolutely love the look of a freshly poured stout and Storm King did not disappoint. The beer poured a fantastic motor oil black. The head was small in size, but a rich, dark toffee in color. It faded to a nice lacing.


Immediately, you are hit with the astringent taste of a roasted, dark coffee. There is a mild chocolate richness in the finish as well as the hoppiness from the aroma. While the bottle version wasn’t quite as smooth as the cask version, I loved the whole glass just the same.


I think I prefer the cask version better, but then again, who wouldn’t. Still, this stout is amazing. It’s got a nice complexity of roasted coffee bean, with a slight sweetness. I would enjoy this one on any occasion, even with the 9% ABV. Rating: 4.5/5