Jan 14, 2008

Announcing “Name That Beer Tune”

One of the ideas I had for this blog over this past holiday season was a “name that tune” game but with beer/drinking related songs. The concept is super simple, but I think something that could turn out fun for all. Basically, once a week (we’ll start with Mondays and see what happens from there) I leave a couple of lines of lyrics from a song and you all guess the artist and song title. There are no prizes, just bragging rights for a week.

I’ve got about 60+ tunes lined up from a variety of genres ranging from the traditional to rap to pop to metal to folk to comedy — I’ve got a slew of stuff to try and involve all musical tastes. So without further blubbering on my part, here’s the inaugural (and relatively easy) quote:

When I was seventeen,
I drank some very good beer,
I drank some very good beer
I purchased with a fake ID,
My name was Brian McGee

Leave your guesses in the comments.