Jan 9, 2008

Beerivore Shirts

While have a meandering and odd IM conversation with JayBirdSlim, I had an epiphany of sorts. I’m not just a carnivore/omnivore, but also a beerivore — I like beer that much. As I thought about that some more, my brain started to hurt (that happens when I think), and I decided to proclaim my love for beer in T-shirt form.

But I knew others may want to proudly proclaim their love of beer as well. A quick Google® search revealed no existing “beerivore” clothing related material. So while the brain is still functioning well enough to announce this, you too can get your own “Beerivore” shirt. Colors available include: black, cardinal, navy, military green, red, royal, brown and charcoal.

Beerivore T-shirt

For those of you that pick up a shirt feel free to send me (barley at thebarleyblog.com) a pic of you wearing it with your favorite brew. I’ll be doing the same as soon as mine arrives. Cheers.