Apr 24, 2008

Brasserie Caracole Nostradomus

Besides stouts, I have a weakness for Belgian beers, particularly those of the Strong Dark variety. I have actually had a couple of these in storage last year, but never wrote a review for them. I can tell you confidently that they were wonderful.

Well, it just so happens that I got lucky and found an older bottle of Nostradomus in one of the local shops this past weekend. I wasn’t expecting to find it since the shop hadn’t carried it in almost a year, but there it was tucked behind a dusty six pack of the 2007 Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale (which I also greedily grabbed).

Beer Label: Brasserie Caracole Nostradomus


This Belgian pours nearly black, but reveals its true colors when held up to light. It’s got a rich, reddish brown color and retained a creamy head for a good while.


Lively fruits and that Belgian candy sweetness dominate the nose. There is also a dark fruit (raisin/plum) presence, as well as a hint of spice.


Oh man. This is a slightly different take on the traditional Strong Dark Ale, but is it ever so tasty. There’s a good bit of raisin/plum and sweetness. The spices that I noticed in the aroma stand out a bit more as clove with a woodsy characteristic. The higher 9.5% ABV definitely gives it a warming, boozy feel.


Nostradomus is a slightly different variety of Strong Dark Ale, and it has certainly earned a place in my list of favorite brews. The dark fruit, spices and oaky finish really make this a stand out brew that’s highly drinkable. You just wouldn’t want to have too many as the alcohol will most likely catch up with you.

Rating: 4.5/5