Jun 12, 2008

Brewery Search Redesign

It’s been quite some time since I’ve mentioned Brewery Search — my little beer finder project that I launched at the end of last year. I think part of the reason for the silence is that I was burnt from all the data entry, but hopefully that’s about to end.

In an effort to re-energize my efforts toward the site, I decided that the best way to get up for the task is to rework the look of the site. So that’s what I’ve done. In addition to the new redesign, I’ve also reworked the logo and a little bit of the back-end on the system.

Brewery Search Screenshot


In conjunction with this redesign, I also have a revamping of the Barley Blog in the works. The update to this site won’t be a full redesign, but will involve some reorganization to better display some key elements of the site. As a teaser, here’s a screen shot of where the new layout is going to go.

Barley Blog Screenshot


This layout should be launched in the next couple of weeks and will involve an update to WordPress (which powers the site), so it’s a bit of an endeavor. Some may also notice in the screenshot a new project that I haven’t announced yet, but will shortly.

Update: Brewery Search was done for a few minutes around 6:45 PM Eastern time. I had to quickly update the Google Maps plugin and upgrade to the latest version of WordPress to take care of a nasty little bug that had popped up. All should be good now, though.