Sep 5, 2008

Coney Island Albino Python

The Albino Python is the second beer from the new Coney Island line of beers out of Shmaltz Brewing. While the Sword Swallower was a tasty brew, it was a pretty standard style of beer.

This one, however, is a bit different with much more character to it. Billed as a wheat beer brewed like a lager, it’s a step up in the complexity department. So what does that mean? In all honestly, I’m not entirely sure. I would assume that it would be similar to the American take on a Hefe Weizen, but… well, different.


The Albino Python pours a hazy, pale gold with active carbonation. The head faded quickly to a firm, yet patchy lacing.


The wheat is definitely there upon the first waft into the nose. It’s got that typical Hefe Weizen, Witbier florals, but without the sweetness those styles typically have. There’s a lovely orange zest within the spices that the beer has been brewed with.


The spices and citrus seem to be the dominate characteristics once you get the beer in your mouth. And that’s certainly not a bad thing. There’s some clove and coriander in there that go real well with the clean, crisp finish.


I love this one. It’s complexity separates it from the standard trappings of a white beers with a bold, spicy presence. To put it bluntly, this one lives up to the hype. I’ll be on the look out for more of it.

Rating: 4/5