Feb 14, 2008

Dogfish Head Olde School Barleywine

I meant to get this one up shortly after this month’s Session as a complimentary follow up, but I had just been blindsided by this damned col. I’m still not 100% right (some would say I never have been), but figured I better get back into posting again, before I just start getting lazy. Besides after sleeping away a couple of days last weeks, I need to rework those typing muscles that had atrophied a bit.

I had kept this beer as my primary choice for the first Friday of the month, but for some ungodly reason, completely spaced on even remembering that I had it in the cellar. At any rate, I did crack this one open that same weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself a second wonderful Barleywine in as many days.

Beer Label: Dogfish Head Olde School


The Olde School pours a lovely orange red in color. The off white head was fleeting and left a very thin sticky lacing along the glass. A single column of bubbles rose from the center of the tulip glass in which it was poured.


Man, this one definitely has a sweet nose to it. There’s a large alcohol presence in the aroma which is no surprise considering this thing weighs in at 15% ABV. As far as that the only other really distinguishable scent I get is that of raisin and a slight maltiness.


At cellar temperature this things certainly packs a wallop in the alcohol heat department. I think next time I’ll stick it in the fridge a bit before hand. As far as the taste goes, the Olde School is a vibrant, bright beer with plenty of raisin and sour/tart cherries. It leaves a sticky sweetness on the lips and warms going down. It has low carbonation activity, yet feels lively nonetheless.


This this is an epic beer. It’s big in every sense of the word. I will be purchasing much more of this next year and storing a few more than I did this time around.

Rating: 4/5