Feb 20, 2008

Kulmbacher Brauerei AG EKU 28

I had never heard of the EKU 28 before noticing it on sale a couple of weeks ago at one of my local shops. I suppose it had been brought in a while back, but I don’t recall seeing it sitting out on the shelves on any of my previous visits. Even on sale, a six pack was in the double digit price range, but a quote from the legendary Michael Jackson on the packaging sold me on the product.

It seems that I’m a fan of any beer that has a number in it. Take for instance Schloss Eggenberg’s Urbock 23 — a strong brew that had me at “hello.” So it’s only natural that I gravitated to this one any time I opened the fridge at home.

Beer Label: Kulmbacher Brauerei AG EKU 28


This is one nice looking brew. It pours a bright, crystal clear amber with next to zero carbonation activity visible in the glass. The head, for the short while it lasted, was off white in color.


This thing smells amazing with a syrupy sweetness and rich malt profile dominating the nose. There’s a little boozy presence to the aroma, but not as much as I would have expected from an 11% ABV beer. There’s also a light fruit characteristic, as well.


Ah, so there’s the alcohol. It’s a good thing I only had one of these per sitting. The combination of the sticky sweetness and high alcohol would surely leave me hurting in the morning had I tried to take on more than a bottle or two of this one. The body on this one is syrupy and thick, much like the Urbock 32. There’s a great maltiness to it that plays wonderfully with the sweetness and slight fruit presence.


I will definitely be on the look out for more of this one in the future. It will certainly make for a wonderful warmer on cold evenings.

Rating: 4/5