Nov 12, 2008

Shipyard Imperial Porter

Beer rocks. Free beer rocks harder.

This one came via UPS last week and I’ve been itching to crack it open ever since, but due to this damned cold, my sense of taste had all but evaporated. Luckily, in between hacking and coughing sessions on Monday night, I was able to open this one up.

Having enjoyed many bottles of their Bluefin Stout and Export Ale in the past I knew that I was in store for something tasty. The Imperial Porter is one of two brews (the other an English Barley Wine) commemorating the launch of the company’s new Pugsley’s Signature Series named for the brewery’s master brewer, Alan Pugsley.

Beer Label: Shipyard Imperial Porter


The porter pours a dark, dark brown with a smallish, but burnt toffee colored head. It poured with little fanfare and low carbonation activity.


This one smells rich with lots of semi-sweet chocolates, caramel, roasted malt and espresso characteristics. I poured it a bit too cold, but as it warmed a wonderful bouquet of dark fruits wafted up from the beer’s surface.


This is a wonderfully complex and smooth porter. All of the elements of the nose are there, well orchestrated into a balanced presentation of flavors. It’s got an appealing earthiness and smooth finish.


The Bluefin Stout has always been my favorite product from Shipyard, but that might not be the case any more. The Imperial Porter is a heck of a beer. It’s not overly complex, but just enough so that you find a little something new on each swallow. I will definitely be purchasing some of this if it makes it’s way to my area.

Rating: 4/5