Mar 11, 2009

Buckbean Black Noddy Lager

The package from Buckbean Brewing had already produced one interesting drinking experience. Would its award winning Black Noddy Lager produce another?

While Black Noddy doesn’t match the uniqueness of the Original Orange Blossom Ale, I can see why it captured bronze at last years Great American Beer Festival. I’ve had a few Schwarzbiers in the past and they’ve always proven themselves worthy of my liver and this one sits comfortably right along with them. It’s a tasty, flavorful brew (in a can no less) that fits the style perfectly.

Beer Label: Buckbean Black Noddy Lager


Black Noddy pours a deep, dark, dark brown with a slightly lighter edge around the glass. The head was light tan in color and faded rather quickly.


The first thing that hit me was the roasted malt and subtle chocolate in the background. It took some warming for those notes to really make their presence known.


Initially, the beer was a bit too cold and didn’t really do much in terms of flavor. Once the brew warmed up, however, the roasted malt and caramels really started to come out. There’s a slight bite of bitter coffee in the finish and isn’t quite as sweet as some other examples of the genre I’ve had in the past.


I was quite pleased with Black Noddy. It wasn’t as thick in the mouthfeel or as sweet as similar beers I’ve had, but it’s flavor was crisp and clean — a prime example of a Schwarzbier. Considering this was served from a can, I think I could definitely find some extra funds to purchase this one in the future.

Rating: 3.5/5

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