Dec 21, 2009

Clipper City Heavy Seas Yule Tide

Clipper City Heavy Seas Yule Tide

I’m a big fan of just about everything that Clipper City has put out in their Heavy Seas line. Yule Tide, however, is the first of their Mutiny Fleet — a line of special edition beers — that I’ve had. Billed as a strong Belgian tripel, I enjoyed this one last week and am finally getting around to documenting it.


Yule Tide pours amber in color with a solid off-white head and a swirling column of carbonation.


This one certainly smells the part with plenty of yeast, spices and that tell-tale bubble gum sweetness. There’s a hint of green apple as well as a little alcohol heat.


The overall taste of this one is right on line with the style, but it’s a bit on the thick side for a tripel. There’s a light peppery note to mix in with the fruits, sweet bubble gum and a touch of honey. Yule Tide is warming at 10% ABV, but there’s not noticeable burn from the alcohol.


I enjoyed the hell out of this beer. It’s not a threat to my favorite tripels, but will certainly make another appearance in my house again — just as soon as I can hunt down a couple more bottles.

Rating: 3.5/5

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