Oct 14, 2009

Redhook Treblehook Barley Wine

I only just announced this next limited release from Redhook Brewery just the other day, and it showed up on the door step early this week — packages with a sweet tasting glass, as well. I don’t normally get too excited about any shwag that shows up with samples (usually posters, coasteers, etc), but getting a branded snifter was just too damned cool.

What can I say? I’m easy like that.

At any rate, Treblehook is an award winning barley wine that was “dry-hopped vigorously throughout the six-month process..” This added infusion of hops into the mix really make this a stand out brew for me. It was over the top aromatic and thoroughly enjoyable.

Redhook Treblehook Barley Wine



Treblehoook pours a golden amber in color with zero head or visible carbonation activity.


I didn’t quite let this one warm up enough before opening, so the first couple of sniffs really didn’t provide much detail. As the beer warmed in my glass, the aromatic hops really came forward along with sweet malts, some light spices and subtle alcohol heat.


Taste-wise, Redhook’s barley wine reminds me a bit of Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot with it’s more aggressive hop presence, but so much smoother. There’s a larger malt presence than I picked up in the nose. The finish lingers wonderfully with a slight hop bitterness, that just begs for another sip. The alcohol is pretty well masked even as the beer came to room temperature — at 10.1% ABV that’s an impressive feat.


I got greedy with this one, not wanting to share with my wife. But, wisely, I did. She loved it as well. I just wish I had another bottle to put away for a little aging. This is a brew I will definitely be on the look out for as the colder months arrive. I can only think of a couple of barley wines that I would put above this one.

For those keeping score, Redhook is batting a hundred with both of their Limited Series I’ve tried. I loved the Tripel, but this one takes the top spot of the product line so far. Damned good.


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