Dec 14, 2009

Ridgeway Bad Elf

Ridgeway Bad Elf

I’ve had a couple of the Shelton Brothers (by way of Ridgeway) beers in the past and enjoyed them both well enough. So it was with a light shrug that I decided to pick up this beer and one of its bigger, insane criminal brothers (to be reviewed later). Bad Elf is an English IPA delivered with a heavy helping of malt and a warming 6% ABV.


This slightly naughty elf pours a clear amber in color with a large off-white head.


The nose is full of bready malts and a light sweetness. Since this is an IPA the hops are there, but well balanced with the malt and a touch of spices in the background.


For an IPA this one definitely has a decent malt presence. The initial flavors are of bready malts with a light hop bitterness in the lingering finish. This brew is pretty well balanced and tasty.


The Bad Elf ain’t so bad. The malt and hops are well balanced and at a respectable ABV it’s warming, yet quite drinkable. I had mine while grilling on a chilly evening and it did the job soundly.

Rating: 3/5