Oct 27, 2009

SF Brewing Cellar Sale

Word of the closing of SF Brewing was just recently announced in the past couple of days. I don’t live on the West coast so I didn’t pay it much mind — that is until receiving the following comment (on an old post) from the brewery’s founder/brewmaster Allan Paul:

Hi. I have a unique cellar of 101 cases of Christmas Ale! I have 55 cases of Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale and 46 cases of Anchor’s Our Special Ale, years 1989 to 2006. I am selling my brewpub and will lose my storage space. Could you help me get the word out that this amazing cellar collection is for sale? I would like to sell it to someone who can personally appreciate it or who can sell it to those who will. I am asking only $1.50 a bottle for this once in a lifetime beer collection.

So for those of you cellaring fools near the brewery, take the opportunity to pick up some good brews.