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Anheuser-Busch InBev Layoffs

I had seen a couple of headlines mentioning possible cuts from Anheuser-Busch InBev during the day yesterday, but didn’t really pay it that much mind. Looks like 10% of their Western European staff will lose their jobs for the new year.


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matt bonness says:

I am a brewer at anheuser busch columbus,ohio brewery. We had 9 salaried employees let go on jan 15 2010. It appears as if the ones let go were on the higher end of the old pay scale.

bud_maker_mike says:

Lost 11 in Houston. All salaried with more cuts expected. Most of these were mid level management.

Bud gone wrong says:

the same thing happened here at Los Angeles Brewery.. About 10 mid sel el salary positions.. Word is they are drying to cut Brewers down to 38 sometime this year.. Down from original plan to 60!!! Right now it currently stands at about 80.. Although we have about 18 people who can retire right now.. But choose to stick around even when they are losing money by not retiring especially since Overtime has been cut a lot… Seems InBev is tryin to pay the debt back and only has 3 yrs left.. It’s only sooo much cutting you can do to save “millions” when the debt they still owe is in the 20’s of Billions.. Just have to be patient and sell beer

iselbud says:

I am at the wholesaler end. We are not a WOD but private. However, a number of my freinds have been laid off at ABI. Last week was a big list. One friend with 29 years service and 3 years until retirement was let go. NO RETIREMENT, NO BUY OUT and ONLY 2 MONTHS PAY. SAD

ex budman says:

Williamsburg is laying off fifty hourly workers within the next two weeks. Unfortunately once they are out for six months it then becomes permanent.
I left AB because it was going to be to painful to watch brito destroy a great American company. I had no idea he would move this fast. I hear his latest trick is to wash and reuse the yeast for weeks on end. This has always been done for the value brands but fresh yeast culture was shipped in weekly for the premium brands including bud and bud light. Fresh yeast is shipped in no sooner than every four weeks now. For all of you folks who enjoy a good skunky european beer we’ll have two new ones soon called bud and bud light.

beer worker says:

At Williamsburg how many production lines do they have and about how many barrels of beer do they put out each year?