Jun 1, 2010

Heavy Seas 2010 Letter of Marque

As I said last week, I’ve (for one reason or another) been drinking a good number of rye based beers the past week or so. This latest is a rye porter that won the 2010 Heavy Seas Letter of Marque Homebrew Competition. I can see why this particular recipe won. The use of rye in a porter works pretty well.


Pouring a reddish brown, the beer sat with a firm and creamy light tan head.


The nose is a bit disappointing. I get plenty of rye notes which is great, but the porter aspect of the aroma is a pretty subdued with only the lightest hints of cocoa and coffee. There’s a little tingle from the 7.8% ABV, as well.


Thankfully, more of the porter shines through in the taste. While the grassy rye and piny hops dominate the palate, the roasted malt and chocolate aspect of the porter comes out a good deal more. The mouthfeel is a little on the thin side for my personal liking, but it doesn’t affect the overall enjoyment of brew. The rye lingers nicely in the finish along with a slight bitterness from the hops. Quite drinkable with the higher ABV.


All in all, this year’s Letter of Marque winner prevailed with a tasty rye based recipe. While, I didn’t find it the greatest porter in town, the incorporation of rye was an intriguing addition that I just simply had to try at least once.

Rating: 3/5

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