Dec 30, 2010

Mahr’s Christmas Bock

Mahr's Christmas Bock

I don’t believe I’ve had anything from Bamberg, Germany’s Mahr’s Brau before. What better way to introduce myself to the brewery than with a tasty seasonal release? I cracked open this 6% ABV bock Christmas Eve while wrapping up some last minute gifts for the kid. It was the perfect choice for the occasion.

According to the Shelton Brothers crew, only a few hundred cases were brewed for the U.S. As tasty as this brew was, they may want to consider shipping more over this way. It’s a well balance beer that’s got the appropriate character for the holiday season.


The bock pours a golden amber in color with a quickly fading bright white head.


Wafts of grain, toasted malt, light fruits and a slightly pepper hop presence in the back ground filled my nose while I did my best not to butcher the wrapping paper I was attempting to neatly fold around a non-square object. I hate wrapping presents.


Sweet, lightly toasted malts come in up front, leaving a touch of sticky sweetness on the lips. A grain-like character serves as the transition between the malts and the hoppier (but not too hoppy) back end. While certainly not over powering in any way, the hops do provide a welcome bit of bitterness.


Well balanced and easy drinking, this brew will definitely make an appearance in my house again — that is if there are any bottles left in the store. It’s an excellent bock.

Rating: 4/5

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