Mar 11, 2010

Victory St. Victorious

It’s only been about a week, but it feels forever since my last published review. Good thing I have plenty in the hopper to get caught up with.

The first is a doppelbock from Victory Brewing that I happened across on a recent trip to Cork & Fork in Gainesville, VA. This dark lager was perfect for one of the first truly warms days we’ve had in quite some time. It’s rich, malty character hit the spot nicely while playing with the kid and dogs in the back yard.


The brew pours clear and copper in color with a quickly fading, off-white head.


The dark, toasted malts layer deep on the nose with hints of caramel and a slight roast. There’s a fruity tanginess in the mix that I can’t quite place. It could be part of the hop profile, but I didn’t really get any overly hoppy notes. For 7.6% ABV the alcohol only makes a subtle appearance.


There’s something within the deep, rich malt backbone that gives this beer a slightly lighter, fruity character. I still can’t place my finger on it, but it’s a nice twist on the style. The sweet caramel and bready nature of the malts dominate the palate for the most part, but don’t completely mask the hop and fruity elements to this beer. The caramel lingers nicely in the finish after the warming alcohol has subsided. It’s not overly potent its ABV, but the alcohol is fairly apparent in the mix.


Perhaps it was the timing of this beer that made it so enjoyable, but I have a feeling it’s just a damned fine beer to begin with. It’s a sweet, rich beer that never leans too far in any one direction, but is well balanced on the palate. I wish I had purchased more of it.

Rating: 3.5/5

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