Feb 28, 2011

Evolution Craft Brewing Lucky 7 Porter

Evolution Craft Brewing Lucky 7 Porter label

This review is a little late in getting on the site as I actually enjoyed this tasty porter several weeks ago. Brewed with seven malt varieties, Evolution Craft Brewing’s Lucky 7 Porter is a not-too-robust porter that is right in line with everything I want from a beer of this style. It’s a got an excellent roast, yet is quite drinkable — especially at a relatively moderate 5.8% ABV.

This is the type of porter that I could sit back on the deck with, relaxing after a long day at work, soaking up the Summer heat. It’s just got that drinkable smoothness and refreshing nature that makes this more than just a cold weather brew.


Pouring dark, dark brown in color the beer sits in the glass with a deep garnet edge and a large, rocky head that was tan in color.


Dark roast malt, light coffee and light cocoa make up the base aroma of this porter. There is a hint of smoke within that roast that’s a nice touch, as well.


Right in line with the nose, but with less of a chocolate presence and a more dominant role by the roasted malt and coffee character. It’s a fairly robust brew that handles the light smoke nicely without beating up the palate. The roasty char rests on the tongue for a good long while in the finish. I’d like it a bit fuller in terms of mouthfeel, but was still an excellent brew.


This was an excellent porter. I’ll be sure to get more of it in the next couple of weeks. That roast is just too much for me to ignore.

Rating: 3.75/5

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