May 10, 2011

Session #52 Announced

The Session Logo

The 52nd running of The Session has been announced, and it takes a bit of a departure from the previous writing assignments. Hosted by Brian Stechschulte, we’ve all been tasked with not discussing a specific beer or style, but instead “…the material that plays a supporting role. Bottles, coasters, cans, labels, ads, tap handles, church keys, hats, t-shirts, tip trays, glassware and signs…”

While I don’t have a huge collection of much of anything other then a handful of glassware and trays, I might have enough to write about when the time comes. In fact, I wrote a goofy piece back in 2007 with a similar theme, “Say Hello To My Little Friend.”

At any rate, the topic sounds like fun and should prove an interesting time for those involved.