Nov 6, 2012

Anchor Brewing Brekle’s Brown

Anchor Brewing launched Brekle’s Brown back in 2010 and I’m pretty sure I’ve had it a couple of times since then, but apparently neglected to give it some credit here on the site. The beer was crafted on a recipe loosely based on one from the company’s founder and pioneering brewer, Gottlieb Brekle.

Brewed with a blend of malts (2-Row Pale, Munich and Caramel) and well as Citra hops, the beer displays an earthy and roasty character that is ideal for these colder months. Actually, it’s earthy nature was absolutely perfect as I stood on the deck overlooking my freshly raked back yard. The combination of the smell of decaying leaves and a crispness in the air only made the beer that much tastier.


Chestnut brown in color the beer sits with a large and resilient tawny head of foam.


Earthy, roasted malts dominate with hints of dirt, a subtle sweetness, coffee, caramel and a touch of grassy hops in the background.


The flavors of Brekle’s Brown are right along with the nose: dirty and earthy, in a very good way. The malt blend has just the right touch of a roast and a hint of coffee that transitions to a lightly hopped finish that lingers nicely. The hops bring a slight bitterness to the game that offsets the mild sweetness of the malt. The brew is medium to full bodied and easy drinking.


I love the earthy nature to this brew. It’s not as sweet as many of its contemporaries and provided the right flavor profile that I wanted while sitting out on the deck the other day. The touch of hop bitterness in the back half balances out the brew nicely. It’s not the most robust (or best for that matter) brown ale, but it’s been spot-on for this Fall season so far.

Rating: 3.75/5

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