Mar 23, 2012

Evil Twin Christmas Eve at a New York Hotel Room

Evil Twin photo

Well, I’m pretty sure that I can safely label this the beer with the longest name that I have ever tasted in my many years destroying my liver. Christmas Eve at a New York Hotel Room (CEAANYHR for short) is a 10% ABV Imperial Stout brewed by gypsy brewer, Evil Twin out of Denmark. Forgoing the traditional style of brews that are usually released during the Winter holiday season, Evil Twin opted for something a little more robust and against the grain.

And while I applaud their decision to go with a full and chocolaty imperial stout, the long name (which it appears they have a penchant for) is a bit silly. Regardless, what we have here in this 12 oz bottle is a pretty darn good brew to enjoy during a cold winter night.


CEAANYHR pours an ominous black — thick and viscous with a large, dark brown head.


Once the foam subsided I was able to pick up a ton fo chocolate and roast coffee with a latent and light grassy hop presence.


A solid roast malt, coffee and chocolate combination greets you immediately and flows through to the lightly hopped and dry finish. It’s much thinner on the palate than I would have expected based on the pour. The higher alcohol doesn’t present itself until late in the back half as a subtle warmth in the finish. The carbonation is a bit sharp, as well.


This one took some time to grow on me. I didn’t love it instantly like I have with some imperial stouts. Perhaps it was the over-zealous carbonation on the pour and during the drinking experience. At any rate, it’s a solid, boozy imperial stout that isn’t overly complex and actually fairly easy drinking.


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