Jan 9, 2012

Founders Harvest Ale

Funders Harvest Ale

I know I’ve had this beer before and could have sworn that I had posted a review of it at some point in the past. Apparently, I decided to keep my thoughts of this lusciously hopped IPA all to myself up until now. Founders Brewing makes some of the best beers in the world, and this fresh-hopped, 6.5% ABV IPA is no different.

I’m not entirely sure which variety of hops the brewery used within this brew, but they must be magical to some degree. The thing weighs in at 70 IBU, but drinks so much smoother than that would lead you to believe. Oh, it’s certainly hoppy and all that good stuff, but the beer doesn’t pack a seriously biting bitterness to detract from all that fruity citrus.


Not only does this beer taste marvelous, but it looks great too. A slight haze clouds the pale straw color as a massive, frothy head crowns the whole thing.


Wet, juicy hops, pine, grapefruit, lemon, orange peel and fresh cut grass fill the nose lovingly.


Oh man, this beer has an amazing combination of fruity hops that are succulent and juicy. Orange, tangerine and a good bit of pine all work together to great a nicely layered hop profile as the beer transitions through to a lingering finish that holds a moderate amount of bitterness that doesn’t distract from the flavors that came before it. A medium body and balanced carbonation make for a smooth drinking and refreshing brew.


This is, without a doubt, one of the (if not THE) best fresh-hopped IPAs that I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy. I could drink this for the rest of my days — well, maybe not, there would have to be a stout in there somewhere. Founders utilizes a combination of hops to bring out the best in this beer. It’s hoppy, yes, but also nicely balanced and well crafted. I’ve got to get more!