Aug 9, 2012

Goose Island Sofie

Ever since their entrance into the Virginia market a few months ago, I’ve been sure to sample as many Goose Island beers as I’ve been able to find. The latest is the brewery’s Saison named Sofie — I think I might have already had this beer during “Steal the Glass” night at the Fredericksburg Capital Alehouse location, but I’m not 100% sure.

As stated, Sofie is a Belgian style Saison. It’s also a brew that’s been aged in wine barrels (with orange peel) for a length of time. The result is a beer that has the Saison base, but also imparts subtle characteristics of a delicate white wine and the slightest hint of woodiness. The combination of flavors makes for a beer with an inspired flavor and refreshing palate.


Sofie pours a straw yellow in color with a persistent white head of foam.


The beer has a lovely aroma with a yeast presence that has a light funk to it, white grape juice (but without the sweetness), subtle clove, pepper and a latent citrus trait that lingers in the background.


The flavor of this brew is incredible. You pick up the wine almost immediately, but it’s not too strong as to distract from the Saison character of the yeast and spices. I don’t get that much wood from the barrel aging process, but it’s there late. Hints of orange drift about in the dry finish that also has a touch of tartness. There’s no hint of the beer’s 6.5% ABV to be found.


This is an excellent brew. I love the smooth flavors that the wine barrel aging bring to the funky Saison. It’s a blend of characteristics that works nicely and leaves the palate clean and refreshed. I do believe that I will pick up some more of this beer before it disappears from shelves.

Rating: 4.25/5

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