Apr 5, 2012

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald

Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald photo

I may have started off my introduction with Great Lakes Brewing with their Commodore Perry, but this is the beer that I was really looking forward to trying (over and over and over again). Named for the ship that sunk in Lake Superior in 1975, this 5.8% ABV American Porter is anything but disastrous — it’s been consistently winning gold medals since 1991.

Roasty with a touch of coffee and earth, this is without a doubt, one of the smoothest drinking and well crafted porters I’ve ever had. It’s clean on the palate and leaves me with a huge grin on my face after each sip. And now that it’s in Virginia, I’ll be grinning like a fool a whole lot more often.


The brew pours a fairly dark, reddish brown with a sizable and dense mocha head. It certainly looks inviting.


A light roast, a touch of dark coffee, light chocolate and subtle grassy hops come together in a well balanced and clean nose.


First thing I noticed after the initial sip is just how insanely smooth and clean this beer drinks. Roasted malt, dark coffee and chocolate greet you first before oh-so-gently transitioning to a fairly dry finish with a decent bit of hop astringency. There’s a wonderful earthy character to the beer. It’s medium-to-full mouthfeel and soft carbonation make for an excellent drinking experience.


Like I said in the intro, Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald has got to be one of (if not the) smoothest drinking porters I’ve ever encountered. It’s no wonder that it has had such good showings at the various competitions it’s medalled in. Great flavor and even better craftsmanship. I will most certainly be enjoying this one for years to come.


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