Sep 6, 2012

Great Northern Brewer Announces Repackaging of Wheatfish Wheat Lager

Wheatfish Wheat Lager

Press Release

WHITEFISH, MONTANA (9/3/2012) – GREAT NORTHERN BREWING COMPANY, is excited to unveil a refreshing new look to a long standing Flathead Valley favorite; Wheatfish Wheat Lager. Wheatfish was originally conceived in 1996 as a craft-style offshoot of Great Northern’s flagship; Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager. The traditional American-style Wheat Lager recipe is remaining while the packaging is receiving its first facelift in 16 years.

“Wheatfish has experienced a significant resurgence of brand growth in the past 4 years, but we believed the packaging needed a revival to spur continued brand growth.” said Marcus Duffey, General Manager of Great Northern Brewing. “The original graphics were well conceived and served the brand very well all these years. We were sure to honor the artwork in our pursuit of new graphics,” Duffey said.

When Great Northern began the process of repackaging, they did not need to go far to find the talent required. Great Northern reached out to Whitefish’s own; Pete Thomas of The ZaneRay Group. Pete is the Design Director at the web design and e-commerce consultant group. ZaneRay works with companies such as Patagonia, Horny Toad, and Filson.

The new Wheatfish packaging hits store shelves state-wide on the week of September 9th, but six packs are on sale now at the Brewery. More Great Northern packaging projects are underway with The ZaneRay Group, and will hit store shelves through the rest of 2012 and throughout 2013.

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