Feb 6, 2012

Le Bilboquet L’Affriolante

Le Bilboquet L'Affriolante photo

This is the last of the Le Bilboquet beers that I picked up last month. I enjoyed their Oatmeal Stout, but wasn’t a fan at all of their Hefeweizen. How would this herbed beer stack up? It landed right in the middle of the other two.

This 7.0% ABV beer is brewed with honey and spices. It was, despite the higher alcohol content quite quaffable, going down smoothly with plenty of flavor. I drank it on a relatively gloomy day, but would certainly go for it again on a sunnier, warmer afternoon, sitting out on the deck as the kid and dogs run around like crazy below.


L’Affriolante — roughly translated as “The alluring” — certainly looks inviting. It poured with a massive crown of foam and rich copper color.


Caramel malts, moderate sweetness, earthy honey and grassy hops come together in an aromatic nose.


Lightly toasted malt, caramel and that moderate sweetness start things off with a medium body and decent carbonation activity. Spicy, herbal hops arrive halfway through along with honey before fading slowly in the lingering finish. Quite tasty.


This was a decent beer. I think, like I stated before, that it’s more suited for Summer weather, but that didn’t stop me from fully enjoying in. Good balance of malt, honey and hops and an appropriate mouthfeel made for a well rounded beer.


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