Dec 21, 2012

Mission Brewery Dark Seas

I believe that this bottle of Dark Seas is my first from California’s Mission Brewery and what better way start a relationship with this company than with a tasty Russian Imperial Stout. This 9.8% ABV brew is right in-line with what I want in a beer of this style. It’s big, roasty and yet it goes down super smooth.

If you’ve even read a handful of posts on this site, you’ll know that the Russian Imperial Stout is my favorite beer style so I’m usually pretty critical of those beers that I drink in this genre. Mission’s take on the style is pretty darn good.


Dark Seas pours thick and viscous. It sits black as night in the glass with a rich looking, dark brown crown of foam.


Dark roast coffee, chocolate and a distant char fill the nose nicely. There doesn’t appear to be much of any alcohol on the nose eve after the beer has warmed some.


This is a silky smooth stout — perhaps too smooth for the style. It’s full bodied with a soft level of carbonation that only accentuates its smooth flowing nature. Roast coffee and chocolate notes are carried to a slightly bitter, dry finish. The alcohol isn’t really present in the flavor profile, but does leave a soft warming glow lingering in the chest. As it warms, there are hints of anise and late forming grassy hops.


This is a solid beer. It’s not as earthy or as robust as I like my Russian Imperial Stouts, but what it lacks in that area, it more than makes up for in smoothness and drinkability. It goes down deceptively well. I will definitely be purchasing this brew again.

Rating: 4/5

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